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4. April 2008

Wanted: Drinking buddy for lonely dad

THE son of a retired widower has placed an advertisement looking for someone to have a few drinks with his father at a local pub for $15 an hour.

Jack Hammond, 88, and his son, Michael, will begin interviewing candidates for the position soon, after Michael posted the advertisement at their local post office in Hampshire, southern England.

The elder Hammond used to go to his local pub four times a week in Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire, with his neighbour, but had to stop the practice recently when he moved into a nursing home closer to the rest of his family.

“When you put an advertisement in a post office for 25p you don’t expect anything to come of it, so the response has been amazing,” Michael, a chef, said.

They have ruled out hiring a woman, as Michael Hammond said his father, a retired electrical engineer, would be uncomfortable having a drink with a woman he did not know, and are hoping to find “a gentleman who is not too bombastic and enjoys a nice pint” with an interest in engineering or golf.

“Dad will be going out with some of the candidates next week but we are going to do it properly, as he is vulnerable,” Michael said.

“It’s got to be the best job in the world.”



4. April 2008

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